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Capturing a mans heart is a mystery that no one has ever fully understood, but that is exactly where the catch is.

  1. Boa mystery yourself: This makes a man to want to get to know who the woman is A woman should ensure that the guy is not totally reading her mind so that he can try and unveil her mystery and therefore create excitement into the relationship that she wishes to create. This leads the guy on to the next point.
  2. Treat him with confidence and respect: Making a man confident and treating him with respect uplifts his ego and he feels that he is the right guy for you. This will make him work hard to have you for his keeps and capture his heart.
  3. Don’t nag or be a bug: no ones wants to stay with a woman who is nagging and therefore women should create an environment that allows his heart to stay warm so that the relationship can grow. Bugging or insisting for something to happen also makes the relationship to be annoying and you can not capture his heart. This will also make it strenuous.
  4. Giving in to his needs: For him to allow you to capture his heart you must be able to satisfy some of his imagination, like are you really there for him’? does he see you in his world’? can he trust you with himself, and do you excite him’?
  5. Attraction: This is what keeps the heart wanting more This is because the heart sees through the eye . Therefore, you must really give him something to look at and be captivated about so that you can have his heart captured. Capturing his heart will be through what he can see with his eyes and then what his mind will perceive so that he can keep you there.
  6. Devotion and giving in a man will at some point want to stop the chase and have you for himself, he would also want to take you in when his heart is fully in it but sharing would not be an option for a man who has worked so hard to get you for himself.

This is where he will need you to show your devotion to what he has worked so hard to create. It is important to give yourself to him and shower him will all the love and needs that you have been keeping so that you can allow the relationship to grow and capture his heart forever.

The Tao of badass

The Tao of Badass is a term used to describe on ways to approach women. However this where men get tips on how to approach hotter women that are truly known to be difficult to date. As man it truly tells you on things or however way to keep your woman.

This has really helped most of the men globally to know how to approach those women they have always admired to have.

To push on this is also a site where all gender gets their weaknesses pertaining their current relationships or past relationship. The Tao Badass continues to offer information on sex matters. On this site many writer have offered information on how to go about sex whether in relationship or not. Most people have made it in their relationships through working on tips given by Tao of Badass.

Most of the time, men are the most generally affected when it comes to having the most attractive woman at their locality, the Tao of Badass has made it quick and fashionably easier to win a woman. There are given tips that enable them to know what to say and what not to say when in conversation with a woman their want to date.

To carry on the badass have made it for both men and women to move with the trend with newly trending fashion. They get to know what to wear during a certain date not to kill the love mood. In relation the badass have made it possible the shy guys to win a woman of your lifetime desires.

For the couples who’s’ their relationship are not moving to their teenage wish, the badass has got something for you to make it work;eg,how to improve your sex desires. The Tao of Badass have made it easier for you to the most sexiest sex position to lead to organism. This is due to many informants on this site.

In a addition the Tao of Badass, has made it clear and easier for those men to know the best way to have their first kiss. I like this site because it have also provided videos for you in a relationship to watch on how to have a woman crave for you when you away. These are the things that make you be a seductive guy towards women.

As a woman their the Tao Badass have tips for you to make your ways to look like a girl, both looks and awesome fashion designed for you to have that incredible looks .The Tao of Badass have got it all for in search of love.


Refers to a formula that both men and women use to save their relationship. it aims at getting partners turn back to each other after breaking or rather improving their relationship without difficulty .

People do breakup this does not mean they should is very difficult for one to start a new life .Especially when one have a deeply relationship with another one may suffer psychologically hurt for a long time which can result into stress ,pressure and depression or even disease like ulcers. This do destroys one’s life quickly if one does not know the method to change the situation or when they do not overcome the situation.

In this obsession formula both men and women have to learn a lot This is explained as follows:


In this part one is being provided with the main cause which results in the failure in relationship. Furthermore the part also gives all possible causes which can be considered as the causing failure in relationship. Through this part one knows about underlying causes which can make your ex leave you. And the basic target of analysis and understanding part id to help you determine and find out the best answers for the reason why your no leave you


This is a special section one ‘efficiency and helpful tricks and tips are shown on how to one exactly deal with your hurt and misery efficiently. In this part it is crucial for one to remember the target of getting the partner back in this part one is advised to control his or her emotions efficiently and how one can overcome all the hurt back to normal life.


In this part, one will be provided with important factors which help to win your ex and get him or her return back with you. The importance of this part designed specially in order that users Can customize the solutions to suit their ability.


This part is the most important part because it help one reach main goal in order to get your ex back with you quickly In this part, the partner should show the other partner commitment With this one is able to keep contact with ex through communicating like emailing or telephoning.

In conclusion this formula is a great guideline in saving relationship out of breakups as explained above.

Tao of badass author Joshua Pellicer and his dating program

Joshua Pellicer suffered from the fear of rejection in his early days which leads him to study about psychology, dating and attraction. He also worked as dating coach, charisma instructor and body language expert.

Joshua trained with Wyatt Woodsmall, motivational speaking and Neurolinguistic programming expert. Joshua founded and hosted first TV show dedicated towards providing dating techniques to men at Maxim radio which appear all over the North America on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio.

I can say that all the information you will discover inside his tao of badass dating guide is powerful and proven to work. You will never learn a more important skill set in your life.


User-Friendly – Joshua Pellicer divided this complete guide into different chapters and explained techniques one-by-one that makes it easy for users to understand and apply them as well.

Unlimited Updates – Joshua keeps on updating this program with new and latest technique to make it latest dating program.

Members Community – Joshua created a live members community where users can interact with other users of this program, ask questions from them and also help other members.

Money Back Guarantee – Joshua knows that any guy who applied these techniques found results with them. Joshua has full confidence in his course and for this reason he is offering full 60-days money back guarantee.


Don’t Work on Every Woman: Although these badass techniques work on almost every woman but these techniques don’t work on girl who is shy and not fully ready to communicate with you. Other than that, these badass techniques also don’t work on girl who already knew you because when she saw dramatic changes in your communication it may give her red flag.

Needs Practice: This is not a ‘miracle solution’ and you have to practice these techniques and tips. But, if you don’t practice them you will never get benefit from them. Remember these days, knowledge it not power instead application is the power.

Final Verdict:

In the end, I would like to say you can download Tao of Badass guide and read all techniques and watch videos in membership area to become the best badasss ever. This information is vital for your success but you can’t master them without practicing them. No one can start hitting home runs in Yankee stadium at first go without practicing. The key is to practice badass technique everyday and one day you will start scoring more girls than getting strike out. I am sure you can do that, it only take some time…

With that said, download Tao of Badass and start your new social life…